Health and Safety

General Health & Safety Policy Statement

We pride ourselves on continued commitment to Health and Safety which is even more critical when working in the environment of the Christchurch rebuild. Where a momentary lapse of concentration or an oversight of a company’s health and safety policy can have far reaching consequences to all immediately involved and those people beyond.
Workplace safety is the responsibility of the management. Bella Casa Enterprises Limited works to make the sites safe for their employees and those who come onto a site, thus safeguarding their health.
We believe it is better to be safe than sorry and insist that all safe work practices are adhered to at all times.
It is expected that all employees or contractors immediately report any unsafe work practices or equipment, by contacting Steve or Jane as the Management team.
Bella Casa Enterprises Limited or its staff are either registered, certified or approved in the following. Appropriate tickets are available upon request
· Trade Certificate Level 1 & 2 Qualification
· EQC accreditation
· Personal Liability Insurance
· Site Safe Approved
· First Aid Certified
Bella Casa Enterprises Ltd believes that workplace safety is of the utmost importance. Every employee has the right to expect that they work in an environment with a comprehensive health and safety policy and a supportive workplace culture to strengthen that policy. 

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