The Build

Steve is not an absentee builder, he prefers to be on site and lead by example. Given the type of building and quality expectations that Bella Casa Enterprises Ltd prefers to do, this very hands on approach from the owner of the business is not micro managing but ensuring attention to detail through the whole building process.

Steve has been in the industry for 30 years and watched many of the new products and systems be implemented by other professionals in the industry before introducing them into the Bella Casa repertoire.

When working with architects, Steve has a very practical view in respect to building with complex architectural plans and understanding the architect’s concept. Steve and Jane understand the requirement for open communication as an architect’s vision and clients dream become reality.

As an on-site builder, Steve manages every aspect of the build with an eye on the big picture. He manages all sub-contractors and inspections to ensure timeframes are maintained.

You, the home owner, needs to understand that the physical building process is a series of working the matrix of weather, sub-contractors, regulatory bodies and suppliers. Steve manages this in a seamless manner that ensures the smooth building of the home.

Steve operates with all the correct tickets required today, to be a registered builder.

  • Licensed Builder Practitioner
  • Member of the Canterbury Registered Master Builders Association.
  • Site Safe
  • First Aid

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