Award Winning Homes

Award winning Builder in 2013: Bella Casa Enterprise Limited entered the Registered Master Builders Awards for the first time.

They chose the specialist category of MBIE Building and Housing New Homes under $250,000 and won the Gold at a Regional level and the Gold Reserve at a National level. This is one of the hardest categories to excel in, let alone win as there is a predetermined constraint to the budget which must not be exceeded. It is paramount not to compromise the quality of products used and workmanship whilst maintaining the mantra form must follow function.

Bella Casa are normally recognised as specialist builders of high end, high value, large scale homes , so having the constraints placed upon them in respect to budget without compromising quality of design and finish are described as challenging. To win these awards is a true testament to the skill base that Steve and the Bella Casa team can draw upon when building a home regardless of size.

This company cannot be pigeon holed, as proven by the recognition and acknowledgement by their professional peers in 2013.

Images of the winning home that won the awards are below.

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